Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Website

So, after lots of hard work (and many hours of computer frustration) I have my website up and running.

It has lots of exciting features including a Gallery, upcoming events and lots more info about me and my work. Planning on setting up an online shop in the very near future too so have that to look forward to aswell!

Please have a visit and see what you think....


Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Designers One Year On 2012

Had the prepare day for New Designers on friday, SO much to get done!
Hopefully will be an amazing show, there's going be 58 of us exhibiting in the One Year On section and hundreds of new graduates in the rest of show. Will definitely be worth a visit if you're in the London area at the end of June.
Have a look at the website for a preview of what you can see!


Visit to National Sealife Centre Birmingham

Visit to National Sealife Centre Birmingham.
I saw some of the most amazing coloured fish ansd sea creatures, was such an inspiring trip thought I would share a few images.
This starfish was stuck to window and the little sucky things were all wiggling!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Painting for a friend

I was commissioned recently to do a painting for a friend of his family coat of arms with a few extra additions. This was the final thing...

Pretty proud of myself  :) and considering how big it was (at least A1) impressed that we got it in the car ok!

Sandringham Craft Fair

So, eventhough it was one VERY cold weekend in Sandringham thank you so much to all those who did manage to get to come and enjoy all the crafts and food available!
We were pretty proud of the stand had some lovely comments from the visitors.

'one of the most original stands here'

'you have a stand with some of the most creative work here'

and here's some proof of just how cold it really was!!! Aimee wearing about 5 layers AND extra blankets!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Up coming event!

I will be exhibiting on a shared stand with Aimeé Fisher (a very talented ceramic maker!) at Sandringham Craft and Food Fair at the end of this month. Have lots to do still but looking forward to my first show of the year :)

Please feel free to come along and have a day out. There will be lots to do and a really wide variety of crafts to see!


Studio Space!


I am now renting a studio space at Knighton Lane, sharing with my fellow maker Hayley Dexter. Have already managed to make lots of mess!